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For over eight years, Colleen Kelly has been working as a diabetes certified educator (DCE) in the United Kingdom. She has a passion for diabetes care, management and education.

Over her years working with people with diabetes, Colleen understands how difficult change is and how maintaining healthy habits can be challenging. By understanding these challenges, they have helped Colleen inspire and support those who are newly diagnosed with diabetes or who are life-long diabetics by providing practical advice, educational resources, and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of those living with diabetes.

Her goal is to continue to help diabetics with their questions or needs by providing practical advice and change in one's life. From educating them on why it's important to check your glucose numbers often to creating an easy-to-undersand diabetes management plan – Colleen is there every step of the way.

In her spare time she loves baking, writing, and watching Downton Abbey with her partner and their two cats, Alfie and George.

Colleen's Work

cardiovascular diabetes medication

What You Need to Know About Cardiovascular Diabetes Medications

Your doctor may add cardiovascular diabetes medication to your treatment plan as it may help to manage diabetes, blood sugar levels, and protect the heart.
by Colleen Kelly on October 16, 2018

9 High Blood Sugar Causes to Be Aware Of

Hyperglycemia causes may include forgetting to take insulin or not taking enough insulin, consuming too many carbs, feelings of stress and more.
by Colleen Kelly on September 5, 2018
Doctor talking to patient

The Dangers of Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome

Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome (HHNS) is a serious medical condition caused by blood glucose levels that are dangerously high.
by Colleen Kelly on July 17, 2018
Man waking up

How to Prevent Blood Sugars from Rising During Sleep

Having a high blood sugar in the morning can ruin your day. Thankfully, there are a few ways to prevent your blood sugars from rising during sleep.
by Colleen Kelly on June 19, 2018
A female doctor and a female diabetic patient

Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes symptoms can easily go unnoticed. In fact, some people can have diabetes for years before symptoms develop!
by Colleen Kelly on June 5, 2018
Lancet pricking finger

What Is the Main Cause of Insulin Resistance?

The cause of insulin resistance is not fully understood. However, there are several risk factors that seem to contribute to its development.
by Colleen Kelly on May 8, 2018

What Does Insulin Do? And What Is It?

What is insulin and is it a complex or intimidating treatment? Find out what insulin is and more information on using insulin to treat diabetes here.
by Colleen Kelly on May 2, 2018
Group exercise class

Everything You Need To Know About Interval Training And Diabetes

Interval training is a type of exercise that is beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes. Read on to learn more about interval training and diabetes here.
by Colleen Kelly on April 26, 2018
Hands holding ankle and foot

Is Nerve Damage a Complication of Diabetes?

Diabetic neuropathy is caused by a number of factors including high blood sugar levels, uncontrolled diabetes, having kidney disease, and being overweight.
by Colleen Kelly on April 18, 2018
Grocery bag filled with various fruits and vegetables

The Diabetic Diet: What Can You Eat if You Have Diabetes?

The basics of a healthy diabetic diet is focused on keeping your diabetes under control by including fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and fiber.
by Colleen Kelly on April 11, 2018
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