8 Healthy Snacks for Diabetics to Try Today

Healthy Snacks for Diabetics

Cream Cheese With Crackers

This one is a quick and nutritious food fix to keep hunger pangs at bay. Spread one tablespoon of light cream cheese over two graham cracker squares and top with a quarter cup of halved grapes. Diabetic Living Online also points out that grapes are an excellent source of potassium.

Dark Chocolate With Banana

For those with a sweet tooth, the same website above suggests melting just half an ounce of dark chocolate, chopping up half a banana, and dipping the slices into the chocolate. If you are worried about wasting the other half of that banana (and let’s face it, they don’t keep very well once peeled) slice it, bag it and freeze it!

Frozen banana makes a refreshing snack straight out of the freezer. Frozen grapes are also gorgeous but don’t keep nice for very long once they are out of the freezer so just take out three or four for a refreshing snack at home.

Trail Mix and Nuts

Do you love trail mix? Why not create your own personalized mix or try this great blend suggested by online resource dlife, which includes roasted almonds, shredded unsweetened coconut, sunflower seeds, and even a few mini chocolate chips.

It’s much better to make your own mix which can be bagged in sealed bags for when you fancy it, rather than rely on store-bought varieties which often include lots of dried fruit which bumps up the carb and calorie count.


Nuts, in general, make good, easily transportable snacks. You can stock up with family sized bags and divide into portions. Be aware that nuts can be high in calories, especially if you choose the oiled and salted varieties.

For instance, just 16 peanuts cooked in oil and salted adds up to just under 100 calories so don’t be tempted to grab handfuls and hurl them in your mouth willy-nilly. In comparison, you get 77 dried pine-nuts, 13 walnuts or 29 pistachios, with or without salt for your 100 calories.

Like popcorn, you can flavor nuts. Try buying raw nuts then marinade with a little olive oil and cayenne pepper or cinnamon, chili or coconut flakes, then toast on a lined tray at around 170c/335F for 10-15 minutes. Almonds and walnuts work particularly well for this kind of recipe.

Smoothies With Vegetables With Fruit

Another healthy way of snacking is to build a smoothie. Not one of the sugar-laden bottled smoothie-type drinks but a real smoothie packed with veggies and fruit.

You do have to be careful with quantities, so you are probably best avoiding the large option from your local mall-based smoothie chain and anything loaded with milk, full-fat sweetened yogurt or ice cream.

It’s safest to make your own and keep portion sizes small. A little smoothie goes a long way, and you’ll find even a small cup will fill you up and keep sugars stable as long as you avoid high sugar ingredients and don’t be tempted to add sugar.

This website, The Diabetes Council suggests 8 of the best smoothies for people with diabetes. The author suggests some yummy ingredients including cucumber, melon and mint, peanut butter and berries and green tea and cocoa.

Some of them like the delicious sounding pumpkin pie smoothie are not suitable as snacks, but the website is quite clear on the calorie and carb counts and other vital nutritional information for each suggested recipe.

How to Find Healthy Diabetic Snack Ideas

Check out Pinterest for some more great ideas. You could start your own Pinterest healthy snacks board to collect recipes and swap ideas with other food lovers.

Try searching Pinterest for “snacks for diabetics,” and you will see lots of options pop up ranging from sugar-free snack ideas, low carb ideas and snacks for on the go.

In just a few minutes online I found a great simple recipe for a diabetes-friendly low carb, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free brownies made with coconut or almond flour which could be made then cut into bite-sized snack portions. I also found “guilt-free” diabetic banana bread and no bake gluten free chocolate crunch bars. Coffee break at the office would be so much more exciting with one of these to look forward to!

Check the quantities, calories, and carbs in recipes before indulging, though. Not everyone on the internet is an expert in diabetic nutrition.

The Takeaway

As you can see the internet is an amazing resource for finding great recipes for snacks and other recipes suitable for a diabetes-friendly diet. Why not find some you enjoy and make batches in advance.

If you have a healthy snack in your glovebox, bag or desk drawer, you will be much less likely to reach for a donut or candy bar when hunger strikes.

Looking for more great diabetic-friendly recipes? Check out our best diabetic pizza you’ll ever have, easy-to-make sugar-free peanut butter and almond cups, and the glucose-regulating roasted broccoli and barley salad.

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