Person wearing socks
Colleen Kelly
Colleen Kelly
April 24, 2019
If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you may wonder, “Do I need diabetic socks?” First, let's take a look at what they actually do — and don't do.

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I’ve Just Been Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes. Now What?

There’s no good time to find out you have a chronic illness. When you get a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, here are some next steps to take.
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5 Positives About Diabetes

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How to Deal With Diabetes Stigma

Type 2 diabetes stigma can be as harmful and emotionally draining as the disease itself. As many as 84% of people with diabetes feel stigmatized by society.
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Using the Spoon Theory to Explain Diabetes

If you live with chronic illness, explaining your condition can be tough. The spoon theory was created to do just that, and has since become so much more.
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What Not to Say to Someone With Diabetes

For those who aren’t currently living with diabetes, here’s a helpful article on what not to say to someone with diabetes.
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The Importance of Persistence With Diabetes Treatment

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How Does Stress Affect Diabetes?

By learning more about the relationship between stress and diabetes, you can prevent it from having a negative impact on your quality of life.
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Three Easy New Year’s Resolutions All Diabetics Can Make

Why not join me in making some New Year's resolutions which will help you make healthier choices for your diabetes now and in the long term.
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Tips for Coping With Diabetes Over Time

Coping with diabetes is trying enough, and reminders from loved ones can sometimes make things worse, even if they’re founded on the best intentions.
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Diabetes and Dizziness

Low blood-sugar can have awful effects on your brain. Here's what you can do about it with our diabetes and dizziness infographic.
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