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Eric L. Patterson, LPC, is a professional counselor in western Pennsylvania, who has been working for over a decade to help his clients live happier lives. By night, he is a dad, husband, runner and freelance writer specializing in transferring his mental health knowledge and experience into clear, actionable content for his readers.

Recently, Eric’s writing has expanded to a lighter side with Consume Review Repeat. Whether the topic is as serious as the impacts of anxiety or as silly as the best iced coffees around, Eric strives to keep his writing sharp, engaging and enlightening.

Eric loves his daughters, indie rock music and all things zombies. Read more about Eric and his writing on his website.

Eric's Work

A woman is holding up her hand

How to Deal With Diabetes Stigma

Type 2 diabetes stigma can be as harmful and emotionally draining as the disease itself. As many as 84% of people with diabetes feel stigmatized by society.
by Afra Willmore and Eric Patterson on March 8, 2016
Two people holding hands

The Importance of Persistence With Diabetes Treatment

Maintaining persistence with diabetes treatment is no easy task; in fact, it's demanding and frustrating. Consider these tips for continuing on.
by Eric Patterson on March 25, 2015
A person is about to step on a weight scale

The Relationship Between Diabetes, Weight, and Self-Esteem

Are you struggling with both diabetes and weight, and also self-esteem? Counselor Eric Patterson looks at why it's best to address each issue separately.
by Eric Patterson on March 12, 2015
A man is looking out through the window

How Does Diabetes Affect Mental Health?

Diabetes is a menace to your physical and psychological wellbeing, but getting on top of stress can help. Learn more about diabetes and mental health.
by Eric Patterson on February 11, 2015