Person wearing socks
Colleen Kelly
Colleen Kelly
April 24, 2019
If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you may wonder, “Do I need diabetic socks?” First, let's take a look at what they actually do — and don't do.

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How Does Diabetes Affect Mental Health?

Diabetes is a menace to your physical and psychological wellbeing, but getting on top of stress can help. Learn more about diabetes and mental health.
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How to Reduce Your Risk of Dementia With Diabetes

You can reduce the chance of diabetes and dementia by eating the right foods, exercising, and taking any prescribed medication.
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American Diabetes Month

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Skin Problems

Diabetes and skin problems go hand in hand. In fact, up to one third of diabetics will experience a problem with their skin at some point.
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How to Participate in Clinical Research for Diabetes

Diabetes clinical studies are research trials that test various medical therapies and protocols for preventing or managing a condition.
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Why Routine Is Important for Diabetes Management

A diabetes routine can help you manage your condition. Diabetes can cause fluctuations in your insulin levels which affects your work and personal life.
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Your Diabetic Fatigue

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Why Diabetics Need to Prioritize Dental Health

Diabetes can lead oral health problems from dry mouth to teeth loss and infections. Read on to learn more about diabetes and dental health here.
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12 Insulin Myths for Type 2 Diabetes Busted

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, you need to be well informed. Let’s examine the common insulin myths surrounding type 2 diabetes.
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Diabetes and Eating Disorders: A Dangerous Combination

Type 1 diabetics are at a higher risk of developing an eating disorder. Learn more about the connection between diabetes and eating disorders here.
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